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Edumantra employs a unique and robust model for each of its learning solutions. Presented below is the Edumantra’s customised learning approach:


At Edumantra, the learning experience starts well before the programme.

The programme management team is pressed into action as soon as the design is finalized. The team interacts with the faculty, coordinates the learning materials preparation, interacts with the participants to prepare for the programme on academic and logistics, and gets the infrastructure ready for the delivery of learning.

The learning experience is “holistic”, and is offered through experienced faculty and curriculum. This is coupled with robust processes for programme management and the highly experienced professional team at Edumantra.

Edumantra offers a support path for enabling the participants to apply the learning through their work behavior. The mechanisms range from simple follow-up of action plans to complete evaluation of their learning application. We use various facilitation and support methodologies like booster programmes, expert coaching, and mentoring process within the organization, web communities, and group interactions with faculty / experts on issues to enhance the learning experience.

Progress on the action projects are reviewed based on milestones. Mid-course reviews also help take corrective actions. Edumantra also provides support to the organizations for evaluation of learning application.


Edumantra is an integrated training outsourcing partner in enhancing management capacity. Our flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allow us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Edumantra brings in its experience and expertise to custom design, delivers, and evaluates learning solutions.