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We believe that the purpose of a training needs assessment should be to answer the questions: “What is holding us back” and “Where should we focus?” We also believe that assessments should be customized to each unique environment, be outcome-based (not opinion-based), and compare skills to actual performance to guide strategies.

Making the connection between learning, behavior, performance, and business impact

We pride ourselves on evaluating, measuring, and quantifying the impact of training and development. Our training measurement and evaluation solution align and help to support our core belief in the Transfer of learning to the workplace, and the required impact on the business through increased revenue, decreased costs and/or increased productivity.

We believe that training measurement and evaluation is important for three reasons:

1. To track and measure business results:
• Are we making an impact?

2. To drive accountability for execution in the areas of:
• Are people using the new knowledge, skills and processes?
• Are managers involved, supportive, and reinforcing?

3. To provide feedback for coaching that is:
• Simple
• Relevant
• Actionable

While creating the foundation for accountability and reinforcement, our training measurement and evaluation services allow you to determine if people are using the skills, the specific impact of the new skills, and what to do next.

Edumantra is an integrated training outsourcing partner in enhancing management capacity. Our flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allow us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Edumantra brings in its experience and expertise to custom design, delivers, and evaluates learning solutions.