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We provide inherent and carefully developed advantages to the clients and participants through our programmes, pedagogy, people and processes.

Edumantra is poised to be one of the top learning and development solution providers in India, with 60% of our revenues coming from customized and bespoke solutions.

Over two third of the engagements at Edumantra are from existing clients.

Comprehensive and integrated Learning solutions

Edumantra provides effective management, coordination and administration of both the front and back end of the clients Learning Management Systems. It is a service that offers an ‘end-to-end solution’ for clients.

The management and co-ordination of the ‘life cycle management’ of the learning & development activities is costly, time consuming, and can result in significant inefficiencies when performed poorly or fragmented across an organization. Our training administration service cuts these costs and saves valuable resource.

At Edumantra, we have helped out clients achieve high levels of excellence for many years. The secret of our success – and therefore our clients’ success –has been our ability to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ training administration service.

From management the training catalogue, scheduling training and maintaining learner files, through to automating processes, Edumantra provides a comprehensive training administration service and coordination of all of your learning & development activities.

From managing entire training functions or initiatives to sourcing, designing, delivering, and evaluating a single eLearning or Instructor-Led workshop, we tailor learning solution to meet the specific business needs of our clients.

Through our ‘Business Strategy to Results Framework’, we partner with organizations to create active learning experiences linked to business objectives.

As your training partners, we work flexibly with you to plan the approach that is driven by your vision, your priorities, your constraints and your preferred way of working.


Edumantra is an integrated training outsourcing partner in enhancing management capacity. Our flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allow us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Edumantra brings in its experience and expertise to custom design, delivers, and evaluates learning solutions.