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The rate of change and diversity in today's marketplace continues to increase. Organizations looking to increase performance are looking toward various learning delivery options to reduce costs, support geographically dispersed employees, teach customers about their products, and allow learning at various speeds.

Edumantra supports organizations design and deliver successful solutions through a proven blend of eLearning, Classroom Training, On-the-Job-Related Training, Online Toolkits, Job Aids, and Coaching. This blend, combined with the implementation of support systems in the areas of career development, performance management, process improvement, and strategic planning, is an effective way to drive sustainable results.


Edumantra is an integrated training outsourcing partner in enhancing management capacity. Our flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allow us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Edumantra brings in its experience and expertise to custom design, delivers, and evaluates learning solutions.